Andrew Tucciarone

President & Co-founder

Andrew is our president and co-founder, as well as our DP and Director. From documentaries in India to brand messaging for major non-profits, Andrew's expertise of over a dozen years adds value to every project he is involved in.

Max Prince

Creative Director & Co-founder

Max is our co-founder and creative director. His eye for detail, skill in design, and his ability to understand what makes a font, logo, or set pop is the reason why clients trust us with their most important asset — their story.

Isaac Cornelius

Senior Editor

Isaac is one of our senior editors at Story First. Isaac’s greatest strength is his ability to find the perfect blend of sound bytes, B-roll, and music to create powerful documentaries and web series.

Zach Thomas

Content Creator

Zach is one of our content creators. His unique blend of skills in photography, design, editing, and shooting make him an invaluable asset to the team.

Lois Kim

Design Intern

Lois is our design intern. Her background in photography, beautiful calligraphy, and eye for detail have made her a perfect fit for our team.

Gary Chapman


Gary is Story First’s primary photography partner. His amazing work can be seen at